About London Travel Hacks

Hi there!

My name is Kristoffer Fons and I’m the guy who’s writing the London Travel Hacks. Here I’ve written a bit about me and my relationship with London.

kristoffer fons london

Yours truly in front of Tower Bridge.

I was born in Denmark and though I may not be a born and bred londoner I’ve experienced London from a tourists point of view loads of times.

In 2013 my passion for London resulted in a Danish travel blog, where I wrote gleefully about London and particularly the planning of trips to London.

My guides about accommodation i London and information on how to get from the airport(s) to the city centre, quickly became popular and gradually I built a small consulting company where I helped the Danes to plan the perfect city break to London.

At the same time, I traveled (very) regularly to the English capital to get under the skin of the city and learn more London Travel Hacks 😉

Since then I’ve lived in the UK and in the beginning of 2017 I felt comfortable enough to make a website about London in English. And so Londontravelhacks.com was born!

I have a burning passion to spread the knowledge of this amazing city – and in particular, I would like to share tips and tricks to get a cheaper and better city break in London.

I hope you enjoy the guides and articles on this website and that you will enjoy your stay in London.


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