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London is, as you know, a city with a great deal of options when it comes to experiences and sights. I just want to share a tip for a unique of its kind – the Sky Garden

Just a quick tip for you to travel to London and would like to see the city from above.

Sky Garden is “London’s highest public garden”. Thus, there is both a bar and a restaurant in the skyscraper, which is located close to the Tower of London in the East End.

  • It makes good sense to combine a trip to the Sky Garden, with a boat ride on the Thames, or a visit to the Tower of London.

However, it is free to book a visit to the Sky Garden. 

views over london
Get a nice pint with a good view over London.

Prices in the bar are, with good reasons, slightly higher than down on the earth – a pint of beer cost £5 in the Sky Garden. It’s expensive, but that’s just the way things work when the entrance is free of charge. And nobody forces you to buy anything up there so if you just wanna enjoy the view, go ahead.

Personally I’d much rather pay £5 for a pint with a nice view over London than the same amount for a large americano in Starbucks to be honest.

Remember to book time online before your visit. You can do that right here.

kristoffer fons skygarden
Yours truly in the Skygarden, December 2015.

I first visited Sky Garden in December 2015 and must admit that it was one of the highlights (ha ha) of that trip to London. The view is phenomenal and when you step out on the ‘balcony’ in Sky Garden it’s a nice and impressive view over the City.

If a visit to the Sky Garden is not enough for you then check out the article Time Out London has made about the best bars rooftop bars in London here. Or try the ultimate London experience – a helicopter tour over London.

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